Exhibition program of the Dechko Uzunov Gallery, annex of the Sofia City Art Gallery

The Dechko Uzunov Gallery is a museum center that aims to broaden the public’s knowledge of Dechko Uzunov’s impressive artistic legacy. The wide variety of oil paintings, watercolor paintings, drawings and primary source documents provides the basis for outlining three main directions in the development of the gallery’s exhibition program. The first one focuses on projects aiming to present predominantly artworks from the Dechko Uzunov Gallery collection. These projects involve research into issues and themes related to the artist’s life and career that help rediscover the artist’s multilayered personality.
The second one aims to attract artists that are currently active and get them interested in Dechko Uzunov’s art to inspire the creation of new artworks by them. The third one focuses on the creation of exhibitions presenting research projects. This aspect of the program targets predominantly the gallery team. It will provide curators with the opportunity to present intriguing facts, discoveries or issues they came face to face with while working on small documentary exhibitions.